Friday, January 24, 2020

DIY Grey Dining Rooms

I recently moved from the Silverlake area of Los Angeles (500 sq. ft.), to the Carthaway Circle area of Los Angeles (1,800 sq. ft.).

I'm having lots of fun pulling up carpets to enjoy the beautiful hardwood floors, picking out paint colors and decorating on a shoe "strang" using Craig's List, yard sales, thrift stores and retail stores sale/clearances.  

I was thinking about using the color grey for the dining room; which is a little scary for me.   Last time I used color on my walls it was a disaster.   I sourced the Internet for inspiration.  Below are "a few photos" of grey dining rooms:

I hope these photos inspire you and your decorating projects.  I'll share my dining room results with you soon.

Remember to be kind!


Saturday, February 2, 2019



I had the wonderful  opportunity to go to Thailand for my birthday and New Years! I was there for seven days.  

I brought these beautiful fabric remnants from a street vendor in China Town.  Below are a few pics:

Can't wait to make pillows from the pieces.  


pictures:  eve

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

DIY Thanksgiving Serving Tray

Turn your regular serving tray into a fabulous holiday tray!  

I used this sparkly, glitter gold, gift wrap paper, left over from another project-

Traced the circumference of the tray onto the back of the gift wrap paper-

I did have to trim a little extra paper away to make it fit inside the tray, placed a couple of pieces of double sided tape to hold the gold paper in place and Voila!

When the holidays are over, I can just remove the paper and enjoy my original tray for next spring and summer.

I hope this DIY has inspired you to transform some of your trays and containers this holiday season!


Photos:       eve
Instagram:  eve4art 

Monday, September 3, 2018

Baby Oncie Quilt

Ms. A's guest decorated oncies at her baby shower.  She gave them to me to make a quilt for her daughter.  I stitched each oncie onto pink, lavender and white print squares.  Below are "a few photos":

I made a matching pillow with a left over oncie and trimmed it with pink pom poms.

This patchwork quilt can be made from just about anything personal like wedding dresses, receiving blankets, t-shirts, etc.   I hope this project inspires you to create your own personal quilt.  -Or send me your items and I'll be happy to make it for you!


photos:  eve douglass

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

DIY Buntings

Buntings are festive decorations made of fabric, plastic, paper or cardboard, typically in the forms of colorful triangular flags. Below "are a few photos" of buntings I made for Jump for Joi Children's foundation.

The art bunting is an 8 1/2 X 8 1/2" triangle.  The dance bunting is 8 X 8" triangle and the sewing bunting is 6 X 6" bunting.  You can be as creative as you like using wrapping paper, recycled paper grocery bags, card stock, etc.  I cut the letters out by hand, but you can purchase ready made letters at Joann's or Michael's.  Using a maker, you can do your own lettering.  I hole punched the corners of the triangles and threaded a ribbon through them.  To keep the ribbons in place, and the triangles evenly spaced, I put a little tape on the back side.

Let me know how your bunting came out.  Enjoy!


photos by:  eve

Monday, July 2, 2018

4th of July

My two Sisters and I decided in January, after our Father passed away, to spend first Sunday of the month with our Mother.  We have gone to some amazing brunches this year - after church of course! 

Sooo..., yesterday, July 1st, we did a little something different.  We hosted a Bar-B-Q brunch in her backyard with a 4th of July theme for 1st Sunday!  

I wrapped a few "Cracker Jacks" boxes with a "sparklee" blue ribbon; purchased some red carnations from Trader Joe's; and a white vase, napkins, pinwheel straws, from the 99 cents store.  I threaded a red polka-dot ribbon on the cake plate from my rental co. "Joious Affairs".  

We had a great 1st Sunday!  Food was excellent, music fantastic, company priceless!

Have the kind of 4th of July you want!!!


Photos:  Dillan Harris