Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"me & Girl" help fight against Pancreatic and Breast Cancer

"me & Girl" modeled in a fashion show benefit for the fight against Pancreatic and Breast Cancer.  The show was produced by Jevita Haley's S.A.G.E.Y. Productions.  In addition to the fabulous fashions and fantastic models like "me & GIRL" :)  -  guests were treated to a special guest appearance by Uncut Entertainment's, Comedian, "Screw" Roy Rice.  

"GIRL" and I made a small wager as to who would be the best model between the two of us.  All 1 vote was tallied, (which was "GIRL's" Mother) and she said "GIRL" was the winner!  Hmmm.

"Below are a few photos":
As you may well know, this is "GIRL"
my 11 Years old Granddaughter -
(AKA, America's next Top Model Baby!)

My dress is from the Kardashian's Kollection
available at Sears

S.A.G.E.Y. 2012 Fashion Show Models
The Los Angeles Pancreatic Cancer Walk was Sunday, October 28, 2012.  "Below are a few photos":
S.A.G.E.Y. Team

S.A.G.E.Y. Team

Entertainment along the 5-K

FYI - The pancreas is an organ located in the abdomin that plays an essential role in converting the food we eat into fuel for the body's cells.

Thank you Jevita for having "me and GIRL" model in your fashion show and for including me on your 5-K team! 

And "GIRL"..., you know I was the winner :))

photos:  el fotographer - Errison Lawrence


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sam Sarpong!

Thanks to my invitation from Nyvia Weathersby -  this is Sam Sarpong!  One of the worlds top male UK based super models - Actor - Rapper - Host.  Sam was the face of Tommy Hilfiger for over 6 consecutive years; and has modeled for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Gucci, plus other luxury brand designers.

Sam collaborated with I-Vogue to be the first male supermodel to create an I-Vogue T-Shirt Line. Sam teamed up with Untapped PR, to host their L.A. Fashion Week, music and fashion event at Sur Lounge in West Hollywood.  

Ok. FYI.  I used a point and shoot camera so taking pictures along side professional, red carpet photographers, most of my pictures were either washed out or too dark.  "Below are a few photos":  

One of the T-shirts from Sam's I-Vogue T-Shirt Line

Sam's I-Vogue T-Shirt Line can be found at the
I-Vogue Boutique, 7611 Melrose Ave., L.A., CA

*photo courtsey of:
Yea... that's me and Sam

You can also purchase his T-Shirts at I-Vogue's
online  store - and
    *photos courtsey of:

Photos by: *
                & eve

Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Taste of Soul" - L.A.

On Saturday, (the day after the Maze concert :))  I helped my friend Michelle.  Her business "Mimi's Natural" was one of the featured businesses at the "Taste of Soul" - KJLH Radio Station's Beauty Pavillion.  

Michelle makes all her products with natural ingredients and healing herbs.  Her product line includes: body scrubs, bath bombs, body butters, body oils, candles, soaps, and more!

It was my first time attending "Taste of Soul" and I enjoyed every minute of it!  (Thanks Michelle, we made a great team - it was fun!)  Below "are a few photos:  


Adai Lamar, KJLH Radio Personality, and Michelle

Love the fashion forward look of this lady.

 I asked permission to photograph her for my blog.
We finished the conversation with her giving me
an invitation to one of L.A. Fashion Week's
fashion event for Sam Sarpong.  (Who?)
I didn't care, I was definiately going!
Just the week before I was thinking about
 L.A. Fashion Week.  Yea!! 
Nyvia Weathersby
Fashion Journalist - PR Consultant - Image Consultant
- Vibe Magazine -

photos:  Karen Anthony Photography
              (424) 248.7136

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Frankie Beverly and MAZE

Guess what?!!
Last Friday, I was gifted a ticket to a benefit concert honoring Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Ulmer and benefiting "Habitat for Humanity" at the Century Plaza Hotel.    The leagondary Gladys Night and the awesome Maze featuring Frankie Beverly performed.  Can you believe it?!!!

I missed most of Gladys' performance, but I caught all of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.  It was my first time seeing Maze.  Frankie Beverly ask, "raise your hand if this is your 1st time seeing Maze" - I raised my hand happily along with a lot of others in the room.  He said "that's a dam shame"  we've been doing concerts for 45 years!  It was so funny.   But, in all those years I always seem to miss their concerts.  But oh, I didn't this time.  I had a great time!  I love their music.  I have their CDs.  Love, peace, happiness, togetherness - has been their message throughout the years.

There is something in their music message -I believe what they sing about will always be relevent.  Their musical expressions of human emotions, qualities and aspirations will always be in us.  Add in the soulful singing and the dynamic music beats and, what can I say -  Amazing!

Thank you Maze featuring Frankie Beverly!

This image was also used on their CD cover -
 notice the six fingers and thumb

photo:  eve

Friday, October 19, 2012

Decorating a Halloween Birthday Party!

Baby C's Mother had a Halloween costume party for his first birthday.

I ask her to save his baby food jars to make luminaries. -  I tied 1/4" orange satin ribbon around the mouth of the jar into a knot and then tied the ribbon to the fence.  I placed a tea light inside the jar. 

The birthday banner was made by stitching rectangles to a piece of black satin ribbon.  The rectangles are made from different fabrics and black and orange felt.  I purchased the stick-on letters and Halloween characters from the craft store. Below "are a few photos":

photos by: eve

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Starting Over !

One day, after being in an abusive marriage for far too many, many, many years, I stood up for my child and myself and walked away in 2010.  Between Church, therapy, and soul searching knowlege, I understand why I endured such cruelty for so long.

But it didn't take away my sad feelings: I felt that I was old with nothing left,  I felt my life was over; I felt there was nothing to live for; I felt suicidal; I felt sadness and guilt for subjecting my children to an, undeserved, dysfunctional family lifestyle; I felt I had given the best years of my life away trying to please and prove to my ex, the person I loved with all my heart, that I was worthy of his love - to no avail.

And so for the past two years I cried, I prayed, I forgave, I healed and I searched for who I am.  And I found me!  The me blessed with God given talents and gifts to share with the world.  And as a good witch once said, "you had it all along".   And "wow", I realized we all have been blessed with a gift to share with the world.

And right now, I am so very happy (who knew).  So eager to live my life to the fullest!  And, get this, people love my work!  Sometimes when they compliment me, I feel like turning around to see who they're talking to. :) 

October 1, 2012, I got the keys to my new small rental space in Silverlake, an area in Los Angeles.  I have never lived alone in my life.  To be honest, I'm kinda happy, kinda anxious, and kinda scared!! 


And so, my new journey begins!  Collecting my few belongings from family garages:

-I have a headboard, armoire and mirror from Pier One -  A buffet I bought at the Melrose/Fairfax Flee Market (many years ago for one of my refurbishing projects), in my Mother's garage; along with boxes and boxes of arts & crafts and quilting supplies!  Yea!  Can't wait to be with my stuff again!  And I know my Mother can't wait to have her garage again:) 

These empty Staples boxes came in handy.
-Originally purchased for my home years ago, this futon is in Daughter J's garage.  It's been passed around and around the family.  From children to nieces, now back to me - I'll take it!  Ugh! it's in pieces!!

-In Daughter E's garage I have a few recent purchases including my repurposed "On the Curb in Venice, CA" (9/24/12) find.

Once a week I'll post my progress on decorating my new space on a shoe string.  No, make that shoe strang! :))