Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Infant "Get Well" DIY Gift

Our new member to the family, baby Chance" had heart surgery.  I'm happy to report the surgery was successful and he is doing fine.

Below is the gift box I made for him.

First, I found a small brown paper box and stuffed it with wrapping paper that I saved and recycled from stores that wrap their glass merchandise in.

Second, I wraped a beautiful chevron striped ribbon around the outside of the brown box to dress it up with color. 

Third, I placed a sheet of colorful tissue paper on top of the stuffed wrapping paper, bringing the paper in the box almost to the top of the box.  

Fourth, I placed the cute "Get Well Bear", (purchased from CVS) and several jars of fruit and finger snacks (purchased from Target) in the box and wrapped it in cellophane.  I tied everything together with the striped ribbon at the top!


A gift can be wrapped in a lot of other containers besides baskets.  I hope the "Get Well Bear" gift box inspires you to make this quick and easy gift for your friends and family!  

-Remember to be kind-

photos by:  eve

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Girls' Weekend Away

To celebrate her birthday, Ms. M. invited 12 of her closest girlfriends for a weekend getaway full of surprises!  As a thank you for attending the destination birthday celebration, each guest received a swanky personalized gift bag.

Each gift bag included a silk Kimono, selfie stick, sparkly personalized wine glass and spirits!  Excited guests rode the Pacific Surfliner along the beautiful coast of California to reach their destination. 

Below "are a few photos":

Looks like everyone is having a great time!  Happy Birthday!!

photos:  by eve