Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY - "Diamonds in the Rough"

I spotted these three little gems at the Goodwill Store...  

Cleaned them up a bit with an all purpose cleaner * used sandpaper to smooth the "rough" edges and spray painted them with Rust-Oleum #7776 Flat Black. 


Recycled! Repurposed! Reused! 

I'll show you next week the end use for these three little gems.

Happy Friday! 
 Be kind to someone this weekend!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yea! Kanye!!

Kanye West is one of my favorite celebrity artist.  I love his music, his audacity to speak his mind, politically correct or not; and his confidence to financially back his fashion designs and show his collection in Paris.  

Here are  a few pictures from his Spring 2012 Collection:   

I'm looking forward to seeing his Fall 2012 collection at Paris Fashion Week, beginning February 28th.

What do you think of Kanye's first fashion collection?  

Friday, February 17, 2012

Quilts & Throws

a few of my recent designs...

Personal size Quilt at the foot of the bed 

Patchwork Throw 45" X 72" * Flannel Backing

Patchwork Throw w/Flannel Backing 
and Matching Pillow w/rhinestone accents

Silk* Linen* Brocade* Quilt

100% Cotton Batting * Flannel Backing

Personal Size Patchwork Throw 45" X 72"
Flannel Backing

"Heart of Hearts" 
Personal Throw * Flannel Backing

Happy Friday! 
Be kind to somebody today!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An Evening with "The Letterista"!

I attended Etsy's "Craft Night" at L.A.'s Craft And Folk Art Museum.  The evening's project was "Personalized Journals", led by Lisa "Letterista" Engelbrecht, author of Modern Mark Making.  Lisa created a complimentary name plate for each guest in her distinctive lettering style.

We were also given a "MakeReady Journal" (created from waste paper of the printing process) to customize with our name plate and tons of other good stuff.

Lisa also had stacks of free alphabet letters for us to use on our project. Yea!


I'm very happy to have met Lisa.  It was a light hearted, fun and inspirational evening.  So much so, that I went home to work on my projects with new found energy and creativity.  Thanks Lisa!

You can get information about Lisa's upcoming workshops on her website:

A few pictures of journals made that evening

...and pictures of the people who made them!

some pictures by eve; some courtesy of Lisa Engelbrecht

Monday, February 13, 2012

Decorating Small Outdoor Spaces

In the words of Lauren Hill "after winter must come spring". Here are a few decorating ideas for your small patio or outdoor space.

Ok! Ok! I just threw this one in because I
Love, Love, Love, it!

The curtains hung on rods provide
privacy when needed

The color combination and outdoor rug
are amazing!

I like the use of tall planters
filled with succulent plants

If you need decorating ideas for your small balcony or outdoor space, email me a picture - - I'll send you some suggestions!

 Pictures Courtesy of:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Me & Girl"

Girl participated in Sugar Shane Mosley's Pomona Pride Community Event "Rock The Diamond Lane Fashion Show & Competition". The 3 day outdoor event was held on the steps of Pomona City Hall. Thank you Mr. Mosley for a super event; boxing competitions, fashion show & modeling competition, great food, games,  rides, seminars & vendors! Big ups to Lee, fashion show project manager, for a fantastic job!  

Our weekend went a little something like this:

We check into the Sheraton Hotel, around 11:30 PM - tired and exhausted - prepare for next day curtain call @ 8:00 AM  

Up at 6:00 AM, preparing to check out of hotel and get to the event rehearsal, pouring down raining-show postponed until Sun. Back to our room, unpack. We decide to do a dry run to the event location to get a feel for driving time, location, parking, etc. It was still raining and I took these pictures of Native Americans (don't know what tribe they were from), performing a "rain dance" -burning sage, chanting & drumming. There was something spiritual about the ceremony and I imagined their ancestors hundreds of years ago performing the same ritual.  Amazing!  

I kid you not, the rain stopped and the sun began to poke through the clouds.  Ms J. said, she was starting to worry about me, taking pictures of the sky :)  

But Ms. J. couldn't  image my heart felt excitement of seeing people practice their culture of offering a simple and humble expression to a higher power. I thought - "tomorrow we'll be heading back to L.A. on the freeway to the hustle, bustle of our daily, busy lives - Simple & Humble - BAH, HUMBUG!"

Rain is gone. Very nice day-weather is perfect!  Fashion show is awesome. Girl did a fantastic job! She won a trophy and a cash prize! "You go Girl"!. 

Girl on the red carpet

One of the outfits Girl modeled was from the "Gap".  Showcasing the season's bright, bold, solid colors teamed together. She wore a tan pullover crocheted sweater, with a lime green tank top and a colorful stripe scarf-w/skinny jeans of course! 

Here are some more colorful combinations from The Gap:

Me & Girl!