Thursday, September 27, 2012

Celebrating in West L.A., Beverly Hills & Hollywood

We celebrated Ms E.'s birthday Sunday.  We started our celebration at Sushi Roku's Happy Hour, in West Los Angeles.  We ordered appetizers: Miso Eggplant Dengaku, Ingen Itame - Chinese Green Beans with Garlic Sause -  popcorn Shrimp Tempura with Spicy Creamy Sause & Tuna Sashimi Carpaccio with Sesame Soy & Garlic Chips!  I love wine, so I ordered plum wine.  After I finished my wine, what I thought was a big size olive in my glass, turned out to be a small plum.  The plum was so potent, and exotic tasting to me - after one bite I had to pass it on.  The plum never came back to me!  Below "are a few photos: 

table setting

robe was draped from the celing, a large silver metal fish
sculpture hung in the middle  

round wood pieces, different sizes, were used to
make this reception desk

one of the light fixtures

the birthday candle



After sushi, we took the birthday girl to "Sprinkles Cupcakes" in Beverly Hills for a Birthday Cupcake.  It was fun ordering cupcakes from an ATM.  Below "are a few photos":


We ended our evening at "XAI Verandah Lounge" on Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood. It's  a cushy lounge and I had my first experience smoking flavored Hookah.  The smoke was light and kinda of sweet.  Wow! 
Below "are a few photos":

We had a great time celebrating on a Sunday afternoon/evening.

Photos by:  eve

Monday, September 24, 2012

On the curb in Venice, CA

After leaving a babyshower Sunday afternoonr in Venice, I spotted this chair someone had put out on the curb.  Ooh Yea!

This was my first time visiting the residental neighborhood of Venice.  Surprised to see it.  It's very nice, I would live there in a heartbeat.  My association with the City has always been weekend walks on the boardwalk :) 

I love my new chair!  It's a diamond in the rough!  Below "are a few photos" from my curbside find:


Pretty impressive ugh?

This chair is very sturdy, there's a little damage to the cane seat, but overall it's a good looking chair, in good condition, with lots of hand crafted details.


I cleaned the chair using Method wood floor cleaner (because I already had it).I sprayed a disinfected to the under side of the chair; and used a dry paint brush to clean the crevices.

I applied one coat of Watco Danish Oil for the cane seat and will apply another coat when it dries.  I've already applied 2 coats of Minwax - classic back satin - stain & polyurethne in 1 step. I think one additional coat will do it.

This is my first attempt at refinishing furniture.  This project was easy -  I still have to apply one more coat of stain to the seat and to the chair.  It takes a while for each coat to dry.

Because I used stain, the parts of the chair that were sanded are lighter - some people like the effect - umm, I'm borderline.  But overall I am pleased with the results.

photos by:  eve

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mix Media Art - "Shoulders"


Have you ever found something you like and for no apparent reason you save it?  And...days, months or years later, you find it's just what you need!   

Well, I ran aross this picture a couple of years ago and saved it.  Don't remember where I got it from - calendar, maybe?  The original artwork is signed 90' Saint James.  I thought, one day I'll experiment and make this picture using fabric.  It seemed like it would be easy because the figures were large and solid.

Below is my interpertation of the above artwork:

I made an enlarged copy of the original artwork.  My intention was to use primary colors like the original artist.  I even bought the primary color fabrics.  But, once I started the piece, I switched to black and white without even considering why.  

I used black textiles of different textures and shades; and handpainted fabric to create the grey hue.  A nubby white fabric was used for the dress.   Newspaper glued to muslin, using Yes glue, created the foundation.  I machine stitched  the pieces of fabrics to the foundation. 

This was my first time attempt to, as I call it, "paint with fabric".  I made several mistakes in the process.  When people admire my piece, I immediately point out my mistakes - but they dismiss them, they don't really care.  So, I'm learning to dismiss them too!  I'm please with my interpretation.

After I finished this piece - it reminded me of the people that came before me; whose shoulders I stand on today.  So I named it "SHOULDERS"  

Photos by: eve

Monday, September 17, 2012

Photographer Kerry James for eve4art!

Kerry James Photo Shoot!

I'm so thrilled to tell you I had a photo shoot with photographer, Kerry James - 
Kerry is also the owner of New Style Web Boutique.

Below is one of the awesome photos Kerry took of my quilt and matching pillow!  It's a draft, and still has to be tweeked - but ,so far so good!  

Thank you God!!  Thank you Kerry!

Below are "a few photos" from behind the scenes at the photo shoot at Kerry's Photography Studio:

Kerry's photos of my work, inspire me to raise my own bar!
 :)    Amazing!!!!!! 

Behind the scenes photos by:  eve

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stage Costume for Patryce Banks

Patryce "Choc'Let" Banks


I've been having technical difficulties for the past FOUR weeks!  Happy to be back!!  I missed sharing with you.

Below are "a few photos" of a top I designed and made for Fonktress, Patrice Banks!  I am so humbled and honored that she loved my design and wore it on stage.

Patryce and I met in choir rehearsal at our church, Trinity Baptist Church, Los Angeles.  She sang with Larry Graham & Graham Central Station.  I don't remember the conversation that led us to work together; but I am so happy it happened.  I haven't made anything for stage since designing for Anita Baker, over 25 years ago.  

Patryce's top is made from silk chiffon and a silk like knit.  It has lots of movement and flows when she walks.  Aahhh!   I kid you not, the sequence insert on the top was from a job I did for Wonderlove, many, many years ago.  It's well over 30 years old.  It was the perfect color and added just the amount of bling she wanted.  I also appliqued a piece of the sequence on the right sleeve.  I can't believe I held on to this small piece of sequence fabric after all these years!  

            Thank you Patryce!

photos by:  eve