Friday, September 29, 2017

African Inspired Birthday Party

Ms J at "Joious Affairs Rentals & More" was commissioned to decorate her Bestie's Mom's surprise birthday party!

The request was for the party decorations to be colorful, festive and to embrace her Family's African heritage.  Bestie's Mom was a Ghanaian Ambassador, and was totally surprised to see all the family and friends that came to celebrate her  birthday.  Traditional food, prepared by family members, was served.

In addition to the decorating, Joious Affairs provided the tables, chairs and linens for the party!  Below are a few photos: 

Ms. J working her magic on the center pieces


     raffia was tied to the  base of the wine glasses

African fabric was hung behind the 
 bar for added drama   

I hope this inspires you to incorporate your family's origin and traditions for your next party!


photos:  eve