Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve!

This New Year's Eve I've decided to stay home to bring the new year in.  Last year I went to a fabulous party!  My friend S, invited me to her small gathering this evening.  

Below are a few options I can do for myself this evening to celebrate:

1.   Prepare my favorite foods!

2.   Buy a bottle of champagne, shine my best champagne flute!!

3.   Change my nail color - (just got a manicure on Tuesday, chipped already)?

4.   Get a video?

5.   Call and text family and friends!

6.   Order my favorite food!!

7.   Reflect on last year!!

8.   List my goals and dreams for 2017!!

9.   Go through my fashion and home decorating books, magazines and

10. Dress up?

11. Work on my artwork/designs in my PJ's!!!!!

However you decide to spend New Year's Eve, be happy and safe!!!!!


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve, and last night I baked oatmeal, pecan cookies to give to friends and relatives.  I haven't made cookies from the Quaker Oaks box recipe since middle school (ahmmm... Jr. high).  I substituted the raisens for pecans (I love nuts) and added a pinch more sugar.  To my surprise, I already had all the ingredents.  It didn't take long at all. I set the kitchen timer so I wouldn't forget they were in the oven while I wrapped gifts.  

I don't ever remember giving a homemade baked gift.  My cookies came out perfect and I'm really proud to give them as gifts.
Below "are a few photos":



Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Inexpensive, Easy, Thoughtful, Christmas Gift

Bobby at "Bobby Trendy Designs" gifted me this handmade ornament and custom bag!  

I've taught workshops for children on decorating Christmas ornaments.  It's a fun project to create, one of a kind, ornaments for family, co-workers and friends.  This could be a group project destined for a senior living home, elderly neighbor, battered women, etc.  Below "are a few photos" from Bobby's gift:

I was totally surprised and thankful for his gift, especially the customized gift bag.  Thank you Bobby for "spreading the Love".

Remember to be kind.

photos: eve

Monday, November 21, 2016

DIY Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

One of my favorite quick and easy hostess gifts are handmade napkin/coasters. Using less than 1/2 yard of fabric, I was able to make six n/c. A quick and easy hostess gift to make and give is 

I choose a fall print.
But, you could choose fabric to make these napkins for any occasion.

This paper pattern 6" X 6".

The perfect Hostess gift!


Photos: by eve

Monday, November 14, 2016

Fowler Museum's Textile Council Sale Donation

I'm a member of the Fowler Museum at UCLA, and I donated to the Fowler Museum's 3rd Annual Textile Council Sale. 

Below is a photo of the patchwork throw/quilt I designed:

This much anticipated fundraiser supports the textile museum's acquisitions and programs.

The sale is November 20, 11AM - 4PM.   The admission is free and open to the public.

I'm excited and honored to have one of my throws\quilt designs among the many unique textiles, clothing, yardage, and more, for sale this weekend. Sunday, November 20, 11am - 4pm! 


Thursday, October 27, 2016

DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is this weekend!  Lots of parties planned.
Sadly, I'm not hosting my annual party this year ): 

  Below are a few DIY photos I've sourced from the internet:

these were made with glow sticks!

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Photos:  from the internet

Thursday, October 13, 2016

DIY Greeting Cards


"Happy Hour Crafting" is my business.  At my craft parties, I teach adults how to make fun and amazing simple "make and take" craft projects!  I call it an evening/afternoon of creating - meeting - eating - drinking!

My longtime friend, Ms. Cavitte, hosted a "HHC", party for me over the past weekend, for her family and friends.  I created three craft stations for the party.  One of the craft stations was greeting cards.

Using new card stock, and recycled holiday cards, ribbons, trims and stick-on's, Ms. Cavitte's guests enjoyed the process of creating new personalized greeting cards! (not to mention enjoying the meeting - eating - drinking!)

Below are a few photos:     

                                                           Ms. Cavitte

Thank you Ms.Cavitte!

photos by: eve

Thursday, October 6, 2016

DIY - Baby Girl Shower

We put together a last minute baby shower for a relative, just  before we went on a scheduled vacation!

In my haste, most of my pictures are during or after the baby shower.  Sooo... imagination required!  But, I think there are some good ideas you can use for your next shower.  Below are a few photos:


I love tulle table skirts for a baby girl's shower.  It's so princess like!  I gathered the double layered tulle, (don't tell anybody, but I pinned the tulle to the table cloth) I felt so unprofessional.  But my daughter convinced me in no uncertain words to keep it moving!!!  

The desert table "welcome banner" was made by cutting assorted paper triangles and pasting store brought letter on them to spell out "welcome" ....  

This polka-dot flower pot was filled with pink shredded paper and pink candy lollipops.

We filled pink mason jars with baby's breath flowers (one of the cheapest flowers available).  And tied around the mouth of the jar a pink tulle bow, cute!

I like to keep food, desert and drinks in separate area.  It keeps your guests from forming long lines, and allows them to circulate.

The breakfast room was set up as the beverage room and bar.   Paper pom poms were hung from the light fixture in pink and white.  Pink tulle was brought into the area, as an accent, with the pink tulle bows and the pink polka-dot table cloth.

The shower was over when these photos were taken :(

In the dining room I  hung clear, sparkly and rhinestone Christmas ornaments from the chandelier along with pink and white paper pom poms.  A pink and white polka-dot table runner was cut to tie-in with the desert table, beverage station and food table.

So... can you look past all the half eaten food and find inspiration for your baby girl shower decorations?  I hope so!


Photos by:  eve



Friday, September 23, 2016

Personalize Your Invitations!

Ms J's wedding is in March 2017.  She personalized her save the date announcements with her theme "King & Queen".  

Personalizing your invitations makes your wedding fresh and exciting!
You're able to set the theme for the wedding before the big day,
and they give your guests a feeling of being special and appreciated.

I brought these two iron-on decals years ago, for no apparent reason, just because I liked them.  I'll find some place to use them for Ms. J.'s wedding!

Have a great weekend!  And remember to be kind!

photos:  eve

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DIY Wall Art

Wall art has many benefits.  It's used to decorate empty spaces, it can set the mood for rooms and be used to reflect your style and personality.   DIY wall art is even more special.  

I purchased a set of 3 plastic mirrors from Home Goods, and using masking tape, I taped over the mirrors to protect them from the spray paint.   I wanted square mirrors and I love the intricate border on the frames.     

I hope this project has inspired you to create stylish wall art for your space!

photos:  eve