Thursday, August 20, 2015

Decorating Tiny/Small Balconies

I love the idea of creating exceptional tiny/small outdoor spaces.  A plant, seating (bench or chair), small outdoor rug and a candle = retreat.  Use your small space anyway that makes you happy whether it's a potted garden, outdoor grilling, or a mini gym.  If needed, you can had privacy to your balcony with hanging shades, tall plants, or by weaving canvas like materials through metal railings.  The view your balcony from the inside of your home should put a smile on your face.

Below are "a few photos" of tiny/small balconies on my Pinterest account: 
                                  Tiny/Small Balconies

I hope some of these photos will inspire you to create a exceptional space for your balcony.

Remember to be kind!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Young Man's Prom Party Desert Table

Joi at "Joi'ous Affairs Party Rentals and More" created this blue and white desert table for a high school prom party sendoff.  

Two different size boxes covered with blue and white stripe wrapping paper were used to create the tiered cupcake holder.  Handmade bubblegum necklaces, a few blue and white suckers and a couple trays of bite size cheese cake was just enough for his small group of family and friend well wishers to enjoy.

Below "are a few photos":

I hope these photos are inspirational for you when creating a small desert table for your next event.

Remember to be kind!