Thursday, August 24, 2017


To  give my purple patchwork throw a more contemporary feel, I decided to embellish it with purple fringe.  I sourced the internet for instructions on how to make fringe, below are a few photos of my results:

I decided how long I wanted my fringe
to be and made a pattern

anchoring the yarn with a piece of tape
I wrapped the yarn around the pattern 30 times-
and carefully removed it from the pattern

I tied a knot in the center with a piece of yarn
 approximately 6" and clipped both ends

approximately 1/4" down from the knot, wrap
another piece several times around the
folded yarn and tuck the end with a spot of
glue under the wrap


 I hope you're inspired to add fringe to your next project!

Remember to be Kind.

photos by:  eve

Monday, August 14, 2017

Purple Fringe Throw

So.. , I tried my hand at making making my own fringe to sew onto my patchwork throw, entitled "Royalty, Royalty, Royalty".  Here is the result:

My next post will be instructions on how you can make your very own fringe!  

My prayers go out to Charlotte, Virginia. 

photos:  eve