Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Recycle Christmas Cards for 2015

Before you toss out 2014 Christmas cards you received over the holidays, consider upcycling them into handmade cards for 2015 Christmas!  

Not only will you enjoy the creative process, you will help to save our natural resources by giving an item one more use before it hits the landfills.  

Using recycled Christmas cards, rhinestones, ribbons, buttons and other found objects I combined with "Small Talk" and "Reflections" stickers,  purchased from "Jo-Ann's Fabrics" and "MIchaels".  

I'm really pleased with the way my upcycled Christmas cards came out!   Actually made them for a holiday craft workshop.  Sold some without trying.  Inspired to do it again for Christmas 2015.

Below "are a few photos":  

                                        Remember to be kind!

photos by:  eve