Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve!

This New Year's Eve I've decided to stay home to bring the new year in.  Last year I went to a fabulous party!  My friend S, invited me to her small gathering this evening.  

Below are a few options I can do for myself this evening to celebrate:

1.   Prepare my favorite foods!

2.   Buy a bottle of champagne, shine my best champagne flute!!

3.   Change my nail color - (just got a manicure on Tuesday, chipped already)?

4.   Get a video?

5.   Call and text family and friends!

6.   Order my favorite food!!

7.   Reflect on last year!!

8.   List my goals and dreams for 2017!!

9.   Go through my fashion and home decorating books, magazines and

10. Dress up?

11. Work on my artwork/designs in my PJ's!!!!!

However you decide to spend New Year's Eve, be happy and safe!!!!!


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve, and last night I baked oatmeal, pecan cookies to give to friends and relatives.  I haven't made cookies from the Quaker Oaks box recipe since middle school (ahmmm... Jr. high).  I substituted the raisens for pecans (I love nuts) and added a pinch more sugar.  To my surprise, I already had all the ingredents.  It didn't take long at all. I set the kitchen timer so I wouldn't forget they were in the oven while I wrapped gifts.  

I don't ever remember giving a homemade baked gift.  My cookies came out perfect and I'm really proud to give them as gifts.
Below "are a few photos":



Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Inexpensive, Easy, Thoughtful, Christmas Gift

Bobby at "Bobby Trendy Designs" gifted me this handmade ornament and custom bag!  

I've taught workshops for children on decorating Christmas ornaments.  It's a fun project to create, one of a kind, ornaments for family, co-workers and friends.  This could be a group project destined for a senior living home, elderly neighbor, battered women, etc.  Below "are a few photos" from Bobby's gift:

I was totally surprised and thankful for his gift, especially the customized gift bag.  Thank you Bobby for "spreading the Love".

Remember to be kind.

photos: eve