Thursday, May 15, 2014

DIY Mother's Day Gift Wrapping

To my surprise, these flowers were on my front steps when I got home.

It was like something out of the movies!  So exciting to read the card and find out who thought this much about me to send flowers!

Thanks for making my day Mildred!

I brought three Mother's Day gifts for my daughters, Ms. N., Ms. E., and Ms. J.  Rather than spend $15.00 or more on greeting cards, I decided to make my own and write my own greeting card message.

Last year I was in the $1.00 store and picked up this scrap booking book for a $1.00.  :)   Didn't know how I was going to use it at the time.  Felt a little guilty for making the purchase.  (Lord knows I don't need any more craft materials!) 

Any how's ....


I dedided to write my Mother's Day greeting on the paper and paste it directly to the gift box!

I used my awl to score the paper' giving me a perfect
 line to cut. Sometimes using a pencil leaves
 an unslightly mark that's hard to get rid of.

I used decoupage to adhere the paper to the box.

Pink ribbon from another project!

Wrote my personalized Mother's Day message.

I think they came out great! 

photos:  by eve

Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Brother Randell

My Brother Randell passed away, April 29, 2014.  He was funeralized 
May 6, 2014.  Below are words I prepared for his funeral:

"Good morning:

My name is eve douglass, and I'm Randell's baby sister :).

The other evening I was thinking about Randell and I thought about the definition of passion.  Passion is a strong feeling about a person or thing.

My Brother Randell enjoyed a life-long passionate hobby for raising birds from childhood into his adulthood.  As kids we went to West Vernon Elementary School.  And I remember Randell getting into trouble almost everyday for not coming straight home after school.  He would go to a boy's house that lived a few blocks away that riased birds.  And I use to think "a whipping for birds"?

My Brother Randell was passionate about his family, community and helping others.  He was a dedicated teacher for L. A. Unified School District.  When my young daughters needed financial support, he was there.  Not only did he help my children, he opened his home to help kids after-school.  

My Brother Randell was passionate about music.  I remember summers, when our parents were at work, we would blast the record player with Hugh Masekela, (Grazing In The Grass), Nina Simone and Eddie Harris records in the back yard...  Randell played his congo at Sportsman's Park with other percussionist on Sunday evenings.  We could hear the music all the way to the house.  Randell and my Sister-In-Law Olivette, took me to a Bob Marley concert.  It's a memory I've always cherished and made me a Bob Marley fan to this day.  

My Brother Randell was a good guy.

He was a quiet man with loud passions.

And his passions have touched us all."

Thank you Randell.  I love you.