Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DIY Funeral Memorial Keepsakes

My friend, Dr. A. R.'s, Father passed away.  She and her Mother commissioned me to make a memorial keepsake for his funeral.  A. R.'s Father was a beautiful man, a master carpenter, an outstanding citizen in the community and loved the color blue. 

A.R. and her Mom gave me a couple of his blue flannel shirts to work with.   I created a 150 memorial pendants for the funeral.  They were reminiscent of the breast cancer ribbons.  I stitched a silver heart (requested by Mrs. R.), onto the blue flannel ribbons I made, using my  pinking shears.

 I really loved the idea that the silver heart memorial pendants, could be used later as a keepsake charm for key chains, bracelets, etc. and be a remembrance of the beautiful life Mr. R. lived.

At the funeral, the keepsake pendants were given to family members, our Pastor and guests.

 Below are a few photos:

charm can be used again

  Have a great weekend and remember to be kind!

photos:  by eve

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Organizing Your Bedroom Closet

The beginning of the year had me feeling the need to organize my bedroom closet.  A little research reviled I should:

        *add a second rod to my closet-

             *use baskets to hold your handbags, wallets, etc.-

             *I already use wood hangers, and they make your closet look
               neater - wood, plastic or wire! (I return the wires back to the 

             *Clear boxes for footwear, and other accessories.

Hope this inspires you to take steps to clean and organize your bedroom closet!

-  Remember to be Kind ! -

photos:  sourced

Monday, January 11, 2016

DIY Vision Boards

Happy New Year!

And what better time is it to create a vision board?  They're fun to make, keep you focused on your goals and aspirations and they give you permission to  dream big!

I purchased a 14"X18"  frame by "Simply Stated"  from  Ross.   I prefer using a frame as opposed to poster board, because you can hang your vision board like a piece of art on the wall and look at it everyday!  

I clipped pictures and words from my Oprah, Elle, Departure, Coastal Living, W and Bazaar Magazines.   I arranged everything on the 14"X18" paper that was inside the frame using decoupage.  

I used a beautiful sheer ribbon to hang the frame.   Below are "a few photos":

I hope these ideas help you to create a vision road map for 2016!

Remember to be kind!

photos by:  eve