Friday, March 29, 2013

Black & White for Spring 2013

For Spring 2013, black and white is the "ticket".  Comfortable and elegant is the way I want to feel this season.  A pop of color from the clutch and a necklace to accessorize, completes this look!

Alexander McQueen Bright Yelow Skull Padlock Clutch, $1,155.00
Vila Lailas Top, fine hidden buttons, studs on collar, $33.00
Mui Mui Ballerina Slippers, $595.00

Happy Easter!

Be especially kind to someone this Easter weekend.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


And so... Spring is once again upon us!
We start to have, the completely natural urge, to redecorate, rearrange and reorganize our living spaces.  Below are "a few photos" of DIY headboards for your bedroom/sleeping areas.

Bamboo sticks are used to create this headboard
 Mirros are used create headboards 


Large poster for a headboard

Paint stain was used to color these wood panels

Different fabrics & textures where 
used to create this headboar.

Reclaimed wood is used to creatae this
 dramatic headboard from floor to celing!

photos:  Lizzie Lynne,, Pinterest

Monday, March 11, 2013

"Rain Forest" Quilt!

At the Pan African Film Festival last month, Kathy and Bruce brought one of my quilt toppers and I finished it to their specifications.  Below "are a few photos": 

This handmade quilt entitled
was organically created to be
a metaphor for Love & Family, 
Covering & Protecting, Warmth
& Security & Inner Peace.

2013, Los Angeles, CA
by:  eve

How cool "Rain Forest" looks in their home!

Thank you Kathy & Bruce!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Love Candels!

I love to decorate with candels.  I have them in my living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen!  Soft scented candels will change the mood of a room; and special occassions are even more special when candels are included in the decor.  Below "are a few photos" from my eve4art Pinterest account. Enjoy!



: eve4art on Pinterest