Thursday, May 10, 2018

Great Mother's Day Gift!

Show Mom you appreciate her with this easy to make arrangement.

My "good friend Gwen", wanted an arrangement for her kitchen window  (it had the view of life, of Los Angeles).  She wanted flowering succulents.  So..., I purchased a unique basket from a thrift store, and the flowering succulents from "Home Depot" .  "Below are a few photos":


If your low on cash, this is the perfect gift.  It fits in any room in the house.  It last longer than flowers, and will continually be a reminder of your love and appreciation!

I hope this is an inspiration for you.  Thanks Gwen.

Remember to be kind!


photos:       by eve
Instagram:  eve for art

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Child's Room Decor

A simple and easy project to decorate/personalize you're child's room is to buy small white picture frames from the dollar store.   Purchase the letters of your child's name, paint and glue them to the frame and hang the frames with a coordinating ribbon  on the wall.  Love it!!!

The lamp is from IKEA!  Thanks for the design. 

This project could easily be done for a boy's or girl's room.  Enjoy!

Remember to BE KIND!

photos:  eve