Friday, August 23, 2013

DIY Boy's Message Board

This DIY message board was a gift for Dillan's 9th Birthday!  

It's fairly easy to make.

Wood picture frame was $1.00, including spider
 webs, at a yard sale.
the glass and back to the frame was removed.
Picture frame was ligtly sanded.

This blue paint was left over from another boy's room project.

Let the frame completely dry.
I ended up using a picture hanging kit
that included the wire and screws.
The clips were purchased from Ikea.
I measured where I wanted the
wires to be placed.


Have a great weekend and remember to be kind!

photos by:  eve

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Celebrity Hair Stylist-Kim Kimble-Viewing Party!

Celebrity Hair stylist, Kim Kimble had a viewing party Sunday night for her reality TV show, L.A. Hair.  The party was awesome fun!  Complimentary nail bar, fun!  Red carpet, fun!  All the food and drink you could eat, yum!  D.J., jammin!  Kim Kimble - inspirational!

Below are "a few photos".

Kim Kimbell & Hairstylist Joi, of Ajoi4hair

Cast Member Terry with Hairstylist Joi

Hairstylist Joi with Cast Member Naja
Cast Member China

We were entertained by Nik West!

                       Natasha Roy at the nail bar

Natasha's business card and examples of
her nail art!  

Thanks for a fabulous evening!
photos by:  eve

Monday, August 12, 2013

"Girl" Modeling at L.A.'s Natrual Hair Expo!

So happy "Girl" had another opportunity to model!  The first two photos were made into posters, promoting the Hair Expo.  Yea Girl!!

Girl at the show!
That's my image in the background!

Below "are a few photos" of "Girl's" natural hairstyle created by Binkin Heads.

photos:  Regina Kimbell/Nappywood
            Eena Douglass/Binkn Heads

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Natural Hair Care Expo Certificate Awards

I had the pleasure of creating fifteen frames for awards that were presented at the Natural Hair Care Expo this past weekend.

Ok, are you ready for this?  My favorite person (next to Kenye West of course) Mayor of Compton, Aja Brown, was awarded with one of my creations!  Can you say OMG!

I traced a wooden star on heavy card stock,
decoupaged burlap fabric onto the cut-out star,
embellished with feathers and cowie shells.


Photos by:  eve