Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Headbands are the Necessary Fashion Accessory

Headbands are the necessary accessory this season!

  They're a quick and easy way to update your look and bring color
           and brightness near your face. Below are "a few photos" of 
a headband I designed for Girl and her gorgeous hairdo.   

photos: eve & Fashionologie 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fernando Pullman Community Arts Center Gala!

You know? Good is happening.  I was sitting on the steps of the house and I waved to a car passing by.  (I was born in Mississippi, and if you know anything about the South, you know that people wave and speak to each other. )  Well, the black Mercedes pulled over, the driver got out of the car and came over to me, introduced himself as Fernando and we started talking.

...He a teacher,  and has a music program for children.  He started the Washington High School Jazz Band (I was thinking - "I've seen them perform at concerts; and I went to Washington High School").   He provides performing art classes for children in the community: drama, music and dance, and it's free.  He has some good supporters in the entertainment industry that support him and his non-profit organization.  He invited me to bring Girl, and any other children I knew,  to enroll in his summer program.   I commended him on his much needed, services to the children in the community, and offered to volunteer my services for sewing and costume design for their upcoming stage production of "The Lion King".  As he left, I was thinking, "man he does an aweful lot for kids in the community"..  

Well, a couple of days later,  Girl's Mother enrolled her in the summer arts program at the Fernando Pullman's Community Arts Center in Leimert Park.  In case you didn't know, Girl is "America's Next Top Model"  and this summer she'll be taking drama and dance. You go Girl!

Couple days later "Me and Girl" received a phone call.  We were invited to be guests at the Gala!  We were so excited!!  

I later learned - over the years Fernando's students have performed for many dignitaries, including president Ford and Prince Charles.  His students have performed with Jackson Browne, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Lionel Hampton, Wynton Marsalis, Al Jarreau and many other incredible musicians.  They have opened the Playboy Jazz Festival four times (that's probably where I saw them) and traveled to Cuba, Brazil, Spain and New York.  The Gala was a tribute to Wayne Shorter and it was presented by Herbie Hancock! 

Gosh.  I felt a little embarrassed and humble after learning who this man, that  pulled over to speak/respond to my neighborly wave, was.  But, obviously I didn't need to know.  

Below "are a few photos" from the event:

"Me & Girl"

Chef Govind Armstrong of Post & Beam Restaurant

Chef Benjamin Ford's menu -one of the four featured Chefs

Chef Neal Fraser's Menu - one of the featured Chefts


"Me and Girl" had a great time!  And we were very thankful for the gracious invitation.  

If you have, or know of children, in south Los Angeles, who could benefit from this summer arts program, call and get them registered, 323.292.2700.  The program is for 6th grade and up.

photos by: eve

Monday, June 18, 2012

Me & Girl!

Can hardley believe Girl graduated to middle school.  

Her elementary school had very strick rules. No sleeveless attaire and no skirts or dresses above the knee.  So, Me & Girl, her Mother and Aunties decided to take a jocund approach to her graduation dress.  

Girl's "Princess Dress" was purchased from Macy's. It's accessorized with blinged out Converse hightop tennis shoes and matching headband.  We didn't go into the high cost of using rhinestones and crystals on Girl's shoes - She is eleven, with a growing foot, and summer is upon us (kids seem to grow in the summer) - instead I used an inexpensive metallic material to bling out the shoes and made a headband out of the same. The white tee shirt was added for the Culmination Ceremony and was removed afterwards for her luncheon and a graduation party she attended.

Below "are a few photos"

I did add one rhinestone to the center of the star.

I love Girl's hairdo, it's beautiful. And so is the headband!

photos by: eve

Friday, June 15, 2012

President Barack Obama in the NeighborHOOD!

Guess what!!!?

Yesterday, in walking distance from the house, someone in the neighborhood hosted a fundraiser for our President of the United States, Barack Obama!

I could hardly believe it!  Someone in our neighborhood has the money, influence, connection and clout to host a fundraiser for the President of the United States!  Man!  It's so inspiring to me to have the President of the United States, up the street, down the street and around the corner. 

It's reminiscent of the feelings I had a few weeks ago, when I went to see, opening weekend,  Steve Harvey's "Think like a Man" movie on Saturday, and Tyler Perry's "Madea Gets a Job"  at the Nokia Theater, on Sunday.  People are making it happen; not making excuses and overcoming adverse situations to fulfill their dreams.  And the amazing part is, the universe opens up and makes room for us to share our talents with the world.  As Kenye West (my favorite), says "we're all a part of the math". 

To be honest with you, there was a time, I use to settle for just getting by.  A grade C in school was OK, just being mediorce.  Performing and expecting mediocre results.   Now, I make a conscious effort daily to do my very best.  And, I don't think any of the people mentioned in this blog would be where they are today if they were just mediocre...

OK! OK!  Below is a video of the mortorcade and "a few photos" of the home where the fundraiser was hosted!  Whoo Hoo!!

This weekend be 100%.

photos: eve 
video:  eena

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rachel Zoe 2013 Resort Collection - Oh My!

Rachel Zoe is another one of my favorite designers.  Below "are a few photos" of pieces from her Resort 2013 Collection that I like and would wear.

I love all things sheer right now.

Are you a Rachel Zoe fan?  How do you feel about her Resort 2013 Collection?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baseball Enthusiast

I experimented with machine stitching onto paper, something I've never done before, and created these mix media art pieces.

I used zinc white paint, recycled John Hancock statement envelopes, thread, burlap fabric, recycled U.S. baseball postage stamps and other found objects to create what I call "Play Ball!".   I love the way they came out and I hope you do too!   Below "are a few photos":

photos by:  eve