Saturday, October 14, 2017

74th Street School Log Cabin quilt art Project, Los Angeles

Teaching children quilting/arts & crafts has been a passion of mine for a very long time.  This semester, I've been volunteer teaching at the 74th Street Gifted and Magnet School.

I designed a cultural ,as well as, an artistic art project for the children.

The art project incorporates the popular log cabin quilt design.  The Log Cabin design's roots have been traced back to Egypt.  In the 1800's the center square traditionally represented the home. 

The children were instructed- the red square in the center represented their hearts.  Below are a few photos:

This project was done using glue sticks, a 2" X 2" red square for the center and  strips of fabric.

Thank you,


Friday, September 29, 2017

African Inspired Birthday Party

Ms J at "Joious Affairs Rentals & More" was commissioned to decorate her Bestie's Mom's surprise birthday party!

The request was for the party decorations to be colorful, festive and to embrace her Family's African heritage.  Bestie's Mom was a Ghanaian Ambassador, and was totally surprised to see all the family and friends that came to celebrate her  birthday.  Traditional food, prepared by family members, was served.

In addition to the decorating, Joious Affairs provided the tables, chairs and linens for the party!  Below are a few photos: 

Ms. J working her magic on the center pieces


     raffia was tied to the  base of the wine glasses

African fabric was hung behind the 
 bar for added drama   

I hope this inspires you to incorporate your family's origin and traditions for your next party!


photos:  eve

Thursday, August 24, 2017


To  give my purple patchwork throw a more contemporary feel, I decided to embellish it with purple fringe.  I sourced the internet for instructions on how to make fringe, below are a few photos of my results:

I decided how long I wanted my fringe
to be and made a pattern

anchoring the yarn with a piece of tape
I wrapped the yarn around the pattern 30 times-
and carefully removed it from the pattern

I tied a knot in the center with a piece of yarn
 approximately 6" and clipped both ends

approximately 1/4" down from the knot, wrap
another piece several times around the
folded yarn and tuck the end with a spot of
glue under the wrap


 I hope you're inspired to add fringe to your next project!

Remember to be Kind.

photos by:  eve

Monday, August 14, 2017

Purple Fringe Throw

So.. , I tried my hand at making making my own fringe to sew onto my patchwork throw, entitled "Royalty, Royalty, Royalty".  Here is the result:

My next post will be instructions on how you can make your very own fringe!  

My prayers go out to Charlotte, Virginia. 

photos:  eve

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fourth of July DIY!This little DIY will give your bar-b-que a festive sparkl

This Fourth of July DIY project will add a festive sparkle to your holiday celebration!

Below are "a few photos":


I purchased wine globets from the dollar store.  Ikea is also a great place to buy wine glasses for this project.  Using a small paint brush, I bushed regular craft glue on th entire stem and base of the glass.

Sprinkle glitter over the entire area brushed with glue.

Red glitter was used for our Fourth of July Bar-B-Q, but for your next event you can use the color of your choise.  

Each glass has to be washed by hand. 


Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I forgot my Grandson Chadd was graduating from pre-school to kindergarden! No way I was going empty handed!

So, on the morning of his graduation, on my morning walk, I stopped at the market and got five one dollar bills and a bag of the only candy they had that I could tie a string to.  He really liked his gift and by the time we had his gradation celebration luncheon, he had lost one of the dollars and eaten most of the candy!  (He really liked his gift!)

The necklace was quick and easy to make,  I used colorful ribbons I already had in my ribbon stash.  Below are "a few photos":   

candy, ribbon, money

 cut the ribbon for the nectlace approx. 34" long

fold the money & tie a ribbon around it

approx. 5" ribbon pieces

Hersey's Kisses Candy
tie a ribbon to the top of the candy

tie your money and candy to the necklace and that's it!

Congratulations Chadd! 💗

Remember to be kind

photos:  eve

Saturday, June 3, 2017


I'm a member of the Fowler Museum at UCLA.  At the museum's last textile sale fundraiser, I purchased this beautiful red scarf; I love it's deep red color and fringe.

and... I donated to the fundraiser was one of my original, handmade, burgandy and gold quilt-like throws.

Below are "a few photos" of the event:


I enjoy being a member of the museum and love the exhibits and special privileges membership affords me.   It feels good to know that my donation helps to enrich the lives of approximately 8,000 school children that visit the museum each year!


photos by:  eve

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Infant "Get Well" DIY Gift

Our new member to the family, baby Chance" had heart surgery.  I'm happy to report the surgery was successful and he is doing fine.

Below is the gift box I made for him.

First, I found a small brown paper box and stuffed it with wrapping paper that I saved and recycled from stores that wrap their glass merchandise in.

Second, I wraped a beautiful chevron striped ribbon around the outside of the brown box to dress it up with color. 

Third, I placed a sheet of colorful tissue paper on top of the stuffed wrapping paper, bringing the paper in the box almost to the top of the box.  

Fourth, I placed the cute "Get Well Bear", (purchased from CVS) and several jars of fruit and finger snacks (purchased from Target) in the box and wrapped it in cellophane.  I tied everything together with the striped ribbon at the top!


A gift can be wrapped in a lot of other containers besides baskets.  I hope the "Get Well Bear" gift box inspires you to make this quick and easy gift for your friends and family!  

-Remember to be kind-

photos by:  eve